“I exist to mobilize the church by mobilizing insight.” – Reece

Whether preaching to a large group or meeting one-on-one with a ministry leader, Reece’s passion is to prepare individuals, ministries, and organizations to live out their unique, God-given purpose in the world so that others might come to know the surpassing beauty of Jesus Christ.

In his family’s living room hangs a piece of art with the lyrics to a hymn that capture the work of God in his life better than any he has come across – “Lay your deadly doing down, down at Jesus’ feet Stand in him, in him alone, gloriously complete.”

Reece would say that much of his life has been spent striving to justify himself by his actions. Whether through moral conformity, relationships, or even ministry success, his “deadly doing” has been his greatest enemy. Yet, over and over, God has met Reece in his striving and offered him the peace that comes from resting in the finished work of Jesus alone.

Now, Reece’s passion is to be used by God to welcome others into the rest that only comes from seeing God’s approval of us in Jesus. Only when his smile guards our hearts are we truly free to serve the world for God’s sake rather than ours. God has done that for him over and over and now, Reece’s greatest joy is doing it for others.