Worship God. Share the Gospel.
Love the City. Grow in Jesus.

worship god

The aim for every Christian should be to express, inwardly and outwardly, our love and affection for God. Who we are, as the people of God, finds its foundation in the work of God through the life and work of Jesus Christ. 

God has put his love on display for all of mankind, while we were sinners Jesus died for us, and by faith in Jesus we put our worship on display that we are the people of God.

As followers of Jesus Christ our greatest treasure is knowing, beholding and enjoying God as supreme! This is our worship and in everything we do we do it as unto the Lord Jesus Christ and with thanksgiving in our hearts to God (Colossians 3:17).  Our mission is worship! 

  • We worship God in our thoughts and affections
  • We worship God with with our hearts
  • We worship God in our actions
  • We worship God with our lives

share the gospel

Our greatest gift has been the grace of God to give us salvation, by faith in Jesus Christ, that restores brokenness to holiness! We realize that we were at one point were a hopeless and hurting people and God rescued us from the pit of destruction and now we have hope (Ephesians 2:11-13). Hope in the assurance that we will dwell with God for all of eternity by his grace alone, through faith alone and in Jesus Christ alone. 

The gospel is good news to us. 

The gospel is good news to the world.

The gospel is always good. 

We, the people of God, acknowledge Jesus as both savior and King. We are saved and set free by Jesus as savior and we are obedient followers of Jesus Christ as King. 

We are therefore a saved and sent people! Our mission is to make much of Jesus Christ and walk in obedience to the Great Commission by sharing the gospel with the hope of seeing many come to know and follow Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8). Our mission is gospel proclamation! 

  • We share the gospel to ourselves
  • We share the gospel in our neighborhoods
  • We share the gospel in our community 
  • We share the gospel to the ends of the earth


Having received the love of God through faith in Jesus Christ we are now blessed to be a blessing

The first and second great commandments that we are instructed into by our Savior and King Jesus is to; ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ and the ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Matthew 22:38,39). 

We set our minds on loving God with all that we are and we set our actions on showcases this love outwardly to the city around us. 

We have determined that everyone around us is our neighbor therefore we are called to love everyone. God demonstrated his love to us not only as an affection but also an action. 

In loving the city we aim to love in ways that will alleviate physical, mental and emotional needs so that the gospel can be heard in order that the spiritual need can be prayerfully met by faith in Jesus Christ. Our love for the city is a small microcosm of the love Jesus came and poured out into the world. Our mission is to love our city!

We love our city by being present with our neighbors.

  • We love our city by being present with our neighbors
  • We love our city by being prayerfully generous to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of those around us
  • We love our city by being a hospitable and invitational people
  • We love our city by sharing the love of our lives

grow in jesus

As we worship God, love our city, and share the gospel, we also aim to cultivate a vibrant personal relationship with Jesus. We understand that if we are not growing in him, we will have nothing of lasting value to offer those around us (John 15:1-17). 

As we pour ourselves out to advance the mission of Jesus in the world, we return to him to be filled back up with his love and power. 

In a world of non-stop activity and distraction, we seek to follow the example of Jesus who regularly withdrew from the busyness of life to hear from God and respond to him in prayer (Mark 6:30-32). 

As we experience the joy of intimacy with God and life with his people, we are also compelled to go into the world and invite others into the same joy. 

The invitation to serve Jesus begins with sitting at his feet (Luke 10:38-42). Our mission is to grow in Jesus!

  • We grow in Jesus by growing in our knowledge of the Bible
  • We grow in Jesus by connecting with him in prayer
  • We grow in Jesus by belonging to and worshiping with his community
  • We grow in Jesus by developing intentional habits that open us up to his transforming grace

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