candice zakariya - church admin

Candice claims Vidalia, Georgia as her hometown, where she spent most of her childhood and young adult years. As an over-achieving student athlete, Jesus Christ completely invaded her life as a sophomore in high school. 

After graduating from high school, Candice attended Valdosta State University to pursue a degree in engineering. However, it was during her Freshmen year of college that Candice learned more about living a Christ-centered life and how God’s Word transforms people from the inside-out. She began sharing what she was learning with other women on campus and the Lord use her to share the Gospel and disciple women on her college campus as a student-missionary.

Just before graduating from college, the Lord led Candice to commit the next few years as a full-time missionary to students. While serving in her 7th year as a missionary, Candice was introduced to her husband Emmanuel through the ministry and was led to move to Dallas, where she would begin a new and fulfilling career as a middle school math teacher.

After 5 years, Candice surrendered her work as an educator in obedience to the Lord, so that she could stay at home with her and Emmanuel’s two sons – Caleb and Joshua. Then in 2019, the Lord led her and her family to worship at Christ Freedom.

Candice enjoys spending time with her family, laughing and dancing with friends, but also pulling away from everyone for some quiet moments with the Lord. She also enjoys writing, being creative, and discussing Christ-centered living with believers and non-believers.